Dan Doucette is a teamwork/leadership coach, and a growth/productivity consultant, yet his true professional identity is Workplace Healer. This moniker speaks to his deep management expertise coupled with gifts of heightened empathy and connectedness.

During a 25-year career in international development, including 11 years as a CFO/COO, he cultivated a compassionate style as a colleague, leader and mentor.

During 8 years (and counting) as a leadership coach, he has honed an approach that is alternately challenging and nurturing.

Many experts today encourage a strengths-based approach to workplace challenges, while still others believe disrupting the status quo is the answer. Dan believes that without attending to what needs to be mended between people and making peace with differences in a workplace, no amount of positivity or disruption can prove effective—we first need healing.

Dan received a masters in economic development from Georgetown University, and a masters in organization development along with a certificate in evidence-based coaching from Fielding Graduate University. He divides his time between New York City and Rhode Island, and draws inspiration for his poetry and knitting while being mesmerized by the waters of Narragansett Bay.

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