#46 S3E3 - Balance

Here we begin our exploration of the Essence Map by looking to the North for the essence of Balance. We all are prone to one form of extreme or another. When we are "always" this or that. We are all prone to relying on a particular approach or posture. And gradually we learn the particular ways in which we may benefit from moderation or from taking a different perspective. By allowing ourselves to experience Balance in our work life, what do we find? Rather than a destination, Balance is never ending process..a flow. Balance is water. Balance is cyclical. Balance prepares us to begin and balance supports us to come to an end.

How do you truly experience Balance when you allow it? Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Be sure to get your copy of the Essence Map on www.workplacehealer.com and accompany Dan through season 3, "Intentional Magic," to delve into the means to bring more spirit into work!

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